Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I am starting a blog because I am using it as a diary of some sort for the day to day experience I have with my family. Especially with my 16 months and 1 day old daughter. I know years from now I will not remember what we did or something incredible she did. With that said, most of the material here will be mostly about Chloe - my daughter.

I took Chloe to Social Security Admin today to get her SSN replaced. We lost hers and we don't have her number to put in the passport form. We ended waiting for an hour for our turn. It was already pass her nap and she was getting antsy. Finally it was done and I got her SSN. I raced to the car carrying Chloe and got lucky I didn't get a ticket. I gave her a bottle and she dranked it and passed before finishing. It is funny to see her drink and sleep.

I took her to Queens Mall to play in the indoor playground later for making her suffer at the SS Admin. Chloe liked it as usual playing in the playground with strangers. Today I let her slide down the slide. She is still not big enough to play with all the things there.

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