Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Speaking and teething

Chloe is starting to say some words we ask her to say. 'More' as she would repeat or the sign for ice cream. The other day she started making combo signs, which wowed me. And her back upper and lower teeth are starting to come out. She already started using them to chew on beef that I give her. She ate quite a lot today.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

February 15, 2009

Yesterday was valentine. We had dim sum in Forest Hills. Chloe didn't eat anything the whole morning, except two bottles of milk, until we got to the restaurant. Wow, she kept eating and eating. Of course, it was food she doesn't usually eat. We went to Whitney Museum after dim sum, but Chloe was still sleepy from the short nap she had which made it difficult for her/us to enjoy the event.

Today was different. We went to TimeWarner building, AKA Columbus Circle. Today was a lot better. First thing we did was we went to Buchon. Mimi had a ham and cheese baggett and I had a roast beef sandwich. It was good. Chloe woke up just after my first bite at my sandwich. Bumper. But this time she had her sleep. No fussiness. We did the usual mall thing. Walked around without anything needing to buy. Then we went to the lower level of the mall to shop for groceries at Wholefood. Fresh food at a price. Well, not everything was expensive. We got a dozen of cherrystones for 34 cents each.